Buy Premium Weight Lifting Straps – Power Grips with the Dual Functionality of Wrist Wraps & Gloves – Lifetime Guarantee – Hydar Strength Range – Ideal for Heavy Duty Lifting & Bodybuilding – Padded Support for Push & Pull Movements and Powerlifting Deadlifts & Bench Press


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The perfect replacement for wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks and gloves, the Hydar Strength range presents to you the unique and advanced all in one POWER GRIPS.

Developed by combining the latest cutting edge technology with the most advanced materials, this is the ultimate lifting accessory to secure your grip – a must have for all gym goers!

★ 5mm thick durable rubber lifting surface secures a non-slip grip around the bar – far more sustainable than other leather and neoprene products!
★ Ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable cushioned feel in the palm of hand

Wrist Support
★ 5mm thick foam padding wrist interior for added comfort and support – essential for protecting the wrist against any strains and relieves tension
★ Smooth foam padding interior prevents the wrist support digging into skin

★ Nylon webbing exterior to keep the accessory durable and long-lasting
★ Hook and loop closure with velcro fastening to fit all wrist sizes securely and comfortably

With a secure grip and a functional support for the wrist, the athlete is able to train at optimum levels and reach the maximum with no restrictions with both pulling and pushing movements. Grip fatigue is eliminated to improve mental focus; developing the ability to attain a greater mind-muscle connection. Your grip worries can now be a thing of the past so you can concentrate on the most important part of training – GAINS!

At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we believe function and durability are key in the development of our products. The Hydar Strength Power Grips incorporate the latest muscle building technology alongside a sleek fashionable design to give you the perfect wrist and grip support that guarantees to go the distance with your training requirements.


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  • ★ NON SLIP GRIP – Take your grip to a whole new level with our heavy duty rubber material that eliminates unwanted slipping motions
  • ★ NO MORE ROUGH HANDS! – Maximum protection against blisters and calluses with an extra thick rubber lifting surface for both push and pull movements
  • ★ UNIQUE FOAM PADDING – Enhance your wrist stability for deadlifts, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, shrugs and upright rows with our padded wrist wrap support
  • ★ EXPERTLY TESTED – Durability is key when it comes to serious lifters and our power grips have been innovatively trialled and tested to withstand even the toughest erosions
  • ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Hydar Strength & Fitness, we offer a guaranteed replacement should anything go wrong – we are that confident in our Power Grips exceeding expectations!