Buy HappyStep Bunion Splint, Bunion Corrector for Crooked Toes Alignment & Big Toe Joint Pain Relief, Prevent Bunion Surgery, package for 2 (left foot + right foot) (Size M) (EU Size 38-42)


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HappyStep Bunion Splint or Brace Help You to Reverse Bunion

HappyStep bunion splint treats mild to moderate bunions preventively and post-operatively. Using HappyStep bunion splint could reduce the tendency of bunion formation and prevent hallux valgus. It also prevents the bunion deformity from getting worse. In case of post bunion surgery, HappyStep bunion brace stabilizes the big toe in the correct position to maintain alignment.

HappyStep Bunion Splint has a combination of soft brace and hard splint which provide protective and corrective support to the big toe. It helps user to reverse a bunion and relief bunion pain. The strap surround the inflamed area of the joint stabilizes the big toe. The splint on the side realigns the toes and reduces the size of the bump.

Customizable Fit:

• 3 sizes fit all,
• Metal splint can be bent to a desired angle to facilitate big toe alignment;
• Adjustable hook-and-loop straps provide an accommodating fit.


• Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE.
• Hand wash in cold water and air dry.

  • Immobilizes the big toe and relief the bunion pain
  • Bunion splint provides protective and corrective support
  • Light weight and Soft fabric material
  • 3 sizes and adjustable feature allow custom fit
  • Package includes 1 pair of bunion splint