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A Blue Badge Company hot water bottle is a pleasure to use. It is made from soft cotton and is generously padded, making it soft to touch. Each cover comes with a rubber bottle and a coordinating drawstring ribbon.

Our vibrant assortment of designs and products express our love for uplifting patterns and beautiful colours. Combining craftsmanship and quality for the finest finish.

Made in the UK, we are committed to employing those with limited work options: 40% of our workforce is either disabled or a primary care giver.

We specialise in producing textile products which include stylish wallets, for the disabled parking permit, hot water bottle covers, walking stick bags, wheat wraps, lap trays and Radar keys.

Our modern and attractive products make life easier and brighter. We make high-quality, stylish items that are delightful and charming, and specially designed to make every day a little more fabulous.

  • Relax in the warmth and comfort of a luxurious hot water bottle cover
  • The soft cotton cover is padded for extra comfort and warmth, making it feel lovely against the skin
  • Our hot water bottles are beautifully made in the UK and come with a British standard approval
  • Many hours of relief from aches and pains a wide variety of injuries and ailments as well as keeping you warm!
  • Our collection makes ideal gifts for mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and especially kids