WALKING FRAME WHEELED ADJUSTABLE LARGE Narrow in depth wheeled walking frameMade from lightweight anodised aluminiumEasy to manoeuvre front wheelsNon-marking, slip-resistant rubber tips for added safety and an easy to clean plastic split...

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A stocking aid which will apply support hosiery quickly and evenly. Grooves catch the compression stocking and prevent it from popping off. Works like a traditional sock aid just pull the stocking over the shell, insert the foot and pull the cord...

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For tall and heavy-weight adults, the handle adjusts from 22 to 29 cm. This crutch is suitable for adults whose height is comprised between 160 and 215 cm. Weight: 0.5 kg Handle height from floor: 720-960 mm Material of handle: Polypropylene...

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Rope Ladder Bed HoistA simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped by the user to pull themselves up in bed on a hand over hand movement. Suitable...

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Made from lightweight aluminium, this reacher is designed for people with limited reach and/or mobility. The jaw opening is highly visible and features a slip resistant surface for a secure hold on the object. Available in standard or folding...

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Vulkan AE Womens Elbow Support. This is the medium sized version of the Vulkan AE Womens Elbow Support in pink, one of a range of three sizes available (all of which can be found in this area of our shop), designed to fit elbows with a...

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