Why GBSci Antioxidant Detox Cleanse together with our GBSci GBSci Pure Acidophilus Probiotic? Acidophilus Probiotics help to replenish "good" bacteria after antibiotic use. They also replace the harmful bacteria that accumulates in the gut, after...

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OptiBac Probiotics For women provides at least 2.3 billion live cultures per capsule, which have been through numerous in vitro tests to ensure their quality. Furthermore, these two strains (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus...

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Have you taken a probiotic before and felt no difference? Or even worse, did you experience bloating, gas or diarrhea? When it comes to probiotics, sometimes less is more. There are countless products in the market that contain dozens of different...

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Healthy intestinal flora are the foundation of a healthy body. So many systems in our body depend on the healthy bacteria functioning--from hormones, neurotransmitters and immunity. It's becoming evident that if you don't have healthy intestinal...

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GBSci Pure Acidophilus Probiotic contains live, beneficial bacteria known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This bacteria lives in the gut of humans and has many beneficial properties. When people take antibiotics, many of the friendly intestinal...

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Most acidophilus products claim a high number of probiotics, but their capsules and tablets don't allow live cultures to survive the naturally acidic, harsh digestive environment.Natrol BioBeads proprietary probiotic blend is uniquely protected...

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