BENEFITS OF KEGEL SCRIPT & SEHOO SEHOO Premium Kegel Exercise Devices can benefit women by creating strength and tone in vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles, providing a therapeutic benefit for many pelvic floor symptoms and conditions. When...

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The Funkrutch are elbow crutches that come in colourful designs. Plain black crutches are also available for those who prefer basic black. It is great for people with mobility problems who are looking for a functional and stylish walking aid....

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A beach walk, a watt hike or stroll in the woods or off stands fixed way well nothing in the way.As with the terrain Foot as a pin attachment on your walking stick, they are now also in the countryside and on soft floors, no matter what.This...

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Suggested Treatment: Perfect PFE tones your pelvic floor muscle which improves the symptoms of incontinence (bladder weakness). Treatment sessions last for just 20 minutes a day. Suggested treatment time is for a period of 12 weeks. After the...

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Thought kegels were just for girls? Think again! You need the Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner Many of us aren't even aware that men have a pelvic floor, let alone what it does. Kegels are for girls right? Wrong! In men, the pelvic floor muscles are...

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The Deluxe Floor Sitter is a combination of the Feeder Seat Positioner (item 2) and the Floor Sitter Wedge (item 3). The Floor Sitter can be used for any short term activity in the home, clinic or school as an alternative to a wheelchair or...

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