Pepogest is a targeted release peppermint oil supplement that provides natural gastrointestinal comfort. Developed by Dr. Stephen Holt, Pepogest delivers the clinically proven dose. For centuries peppermint oil has been traditionally used for...

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This spell-binding cane by HARVY features beechwood shaft in scorched finish that measures 36 inches long. Fritz handle provides comfortable support. Stylish brass band adds a touch of class. Feel and look your best with this outstanding product!...

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Are you looking for the perfect sleeping mask? You can stop looking. The Pure Comfort Silk AB Sleeping Mask is a superior eye mask designed for comfort as well as blocking out light. Made from natural, hypo-allergenic, mulberry silk on both...

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Especially useful to protect sensitive neck muscles and nerves when the arm needs to be fully supported. Use for: arm fractures, post shoulder surgery i.e. rotator cuff. Post hand surgery where the hand is set in a heavy plaster cast and the arm...

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This appealing cane by HARVY features hardwood shaft in walnut finish that measures 1 inches in diameter and is 36 inches long. Round Nose Crook handle provides comfortable support for up to 250lbs of weight. No matter you are 20, 30, 50 years old...

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This wool wheelchair fleece is ideal for those who spend prolonged periods of time in a wheelchair. Natural wool is an excellent way to help prevent pressure sores or provide extra comfort. The fleece is secured to the wheelchair with webbing...

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