Just a little larger than the originals, Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls Plus are perfect for people who need a little extra height and surface area to achieve greater pressure deep into the muscles. They are made from rubber which is firm enough to...

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Manufactured from 100% pure cotton, Cottontails Cotton Wool Balls are specially made to be kind and gentle for babies’ skin. Using only high quality materials, the balls are soft, fluffy and highly absorbent, holding many times their own weight...

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IS THIS GOOD FOR THE REST OF MY BODY? Yes! The different sizes and surfaces allow you to hit all spots on your feet when they are sore but also for hands, back, neck, shoulders, gluts, legs etc.CAN THIS HELP TREAT PLANTAR FASCIITIS, SCIATICA,...

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Use the two variable resistance balls to train your forearm, hands and fingertips. Ideal for wrist stability, muscle tone, strength and developing dexterity. The 66fit Hand Therapy Balls are an excellent way of exercising the muscles in the...

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