Buy x2 Super Strength Acai Berry Serum: Powerful T5 & Acai Berry Blend: Advanced Diet Pill Alternative (2 Month Supply)


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This unique T5 Fat Burners & Acai Berry formulation retains all of the natural goodness from the acai berry superfruit with a powerful measure of T5. This makes for a super enhanced weight loss and detoxification supplement, that goes way beyond the capabilities of any regular Acai Berry product!

  • A high potency, powerful blend of Acai Berry and the Original T5 Fat Burning formula in Sublingual Form for Faster Absorption Rates and Quicker Results.
  • Significantly reduce measurements of body mass and percentage of body fat.
  • Proven to Stimulate Thermogenesis giving the same effect as exercise-induced thermogenesis by burning fat cells to warm up the muscles
  • Provides powerful whole body antioxidant support, from the increased production of cytokines which regulates immune response that will benefit overall health and fitness.
  • An exceptional source of antioxidants, with an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value of 161,400, acai berry has more antioxidant capabilities than cranberry, raspberry, maqui berry or blueberry and is listed within the top 5 of all ORAC foods!