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Lose Weight and Feel Great… Advanced formula Weight Loss Tea!

• Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
• Suppresses your appetite
• Reduces Bloating & Increases Energy Levels
• Natural Herbal Weight Loss Tea
• 3g per Tea Bag of Premium Ingredients
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Why Skinnytox With Somatox?

Our 14 Day Skinnytox is our most advanced blend of natural and preservative free tea herbs to help assist with weight loss, leaving you feeling energised and helping suppress your appetite.  Packed with only the finest and most premium ingredients including super fruits like Goji Berries and Garcinia Cambogia, our amazing Skinnytox is really a super weight loss tea! Helping you detoxify & cleanse your body naturally, remove toxins from your whilst helping you clean & restore your natural body balance.

Did you know that whilst most tea companies pack an average of 2gm – 2.5gm of tea into their bag – we pack 3gm to give you much more in a premium triangle nylon bag. Because we give you more tea per bag you can infuse and steep the tea 2-3 times over the course of the day and really reap the benefit of this amazing detox tea.

Combine this with your daily exercise routine with a healthy diet and you will feel energised, invigorated and feeling great.

14 Day Contents:

14 Day supply of Skinnytox loose leaf tea bags:
Consumed every morning over 14 days.
Contains 14 servings (approx. 3g per bag – 42g).

14 Day supply of Skinnytox Loose Leaf Tea:
Consumed every 2nd evening over 14 days.
Contains 7 servings (approx. 3g per bag – 21g).

  • ✔ Contains 14 Day Morning Tea & 14 Day Evening Tea
  • ✔ Premium Weight Loss Tea – 100% Natural & Preservative Free
  • ✔ Intensive Weight Loss, Cleanses, Revives & Rejuvenates
  • ✔ Contains Goji Berries & Garcinia Cambogia + 6 Super Ingredients
  • ★ Intensive Weight Loss ★ Boosts Metabolism ★ Suppresses Appetite ★