Buy Van Os Excel G-Lite Dynamique Recline Manual Wheelchair with 40x43cm Seat


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Excel G-lite Dynamique Recline is a transport wheelchair, focusing on comfort and convenience. Unique to the Excel G-lite Dynamique Recline the backrest that folds. The wheelchair is ideally suited to take on the very low weight; the complete assembly weighs less than 12 kg! The wheelchair is available as self-propelled and as transit versions. Excel G-lite Dynamique Recline is available in different sizes. The table below lists the part numbers and prices that correspond with the specific dimensions. The adjustable backrest in 3 positions offers the user the ability to adjust the seating position and set individually, The side frame has a seating of 4 degrees, this will offer more comfort and a more natural posture posture. The high duwhandvaten provide a better walking posture for the facilitator. The lightweight rear wheels with a new generation of polyurethane leak tires provide low rolling resistance and allows you to drive lighter. Adapting the design of the cover make it easy to remove and attach the wheelchair.

  • Aluminum lightweight transport wheelchair Easy to use and eye for detail
  • Removable rear wheels and angle adjustable armrests. Very compact to carry
  • More comfort through the seating of 4 degrees and adjustable back angle
  • Comfortable removable cover, which can be washed in the washing machine
  • Equipped with backrest that is collapsible