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Eat Less – Slim Sip has only 9 calories per serving and when mixed with water it gently expands in your stomach to help promote the feeling of fullness. Slim Sip contains more Glucomannan than other products – Each sachet contains 1.34g of the highest purified grade of glucomannan. (1.34g per serving supports both weight loss and cholesterol claim). Digestive Support & Cholesterol maintenance – Glucomannan is a Natural Soluble Fibre which aids digestions and helps trap fats and oils (Calories) from entering your blood stream. Clinically Proven to help you Lose Weight – Glucomannan is backed by 20+ Years of Clinical Studies. EFSA Approved – The only product in its category supported by two European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims for both Weight Loss & Cholesterol Management. The length of time to take Slim Sip will depend upon your individual needs and weight loss goals. For example, If you aim to lose a couple of pounds, then a 10 day pack will support your needs, if you want to lose a couple of stone, we would recommend that you take Slim Sip for a period of 3 months. Recommended Use: The results of the clinical trials showed that best results were achieved when taking 3 sachets per day. – 1 sachet mixed with 250ml of water to be taken approximately 30 minutes before each main meal. 1 box contains 30 x 5g Sachets = 10 Days Supply. As with all food supplements, Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any medication or have an existing medical condition.

  • NOW New Blackcurrant Flavour Slim Sip. Only 9 Calories per Serving – 1 Box (30 Convenient sachets/servings). Includes 10 Day Supply for weight loss. 7 ½ for cholesterol.
  • Slim Sip is clinically Proven to help you Lose Weight as part of a Healthy Eating plan. Slim Sip is an appetite suppressant and makes you feel fuller faster to help reduce hunger cravings and accelerate your diet results.
  • Slim Sip is Proven to Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels (simply take 4 sachets a day).
  • Includes BONUS Healthy Eating Plan Booklet.
  • Slim Sip has more Glucomannan than other products on the market (1g per serving of highest natural purified grade). Slim Sip is a patented delicious effervescent weight loss drink. Also available in orange flavour.