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R010-800 Threshold Ramp (2.6ft)

The Drive Medical Threshold Ramp is designed to carry a single user with a wheelchair, powerchair or scooter over the door thershold.
They are constructed from lightweight aluminium with a checkerplate gripped surface and two non-slip edges. Position the ramp in the doorway as shown in the pictures. Ensure the middle section of the ramp which is the highest, is positioned over the threshold obstacle. slowly drive the vehicle over the ramp. If required remove the ramp to close the door.


  • length: 2.6ft (80cm)
  • width: 27.5″ (70cm)
  • max weight: 42.85stone (272kg)
  • Only use the ramp on level ground
  • Do not exceed the safe work load
  • Ensure both ends of the ramp are touching the ground
  • Ensure the ramp is cleaned regularly and the surface not slippy