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CO Q10, 400mg, 60 capsules.
What is CO Q10? CO Q10
Coenzymes are essential molecules needed for many of the body’s enzyme-based reactions. To put it simply, they make our body work more effectively.
CO Q10, in particular, helps in “energy production”, since while the body can theoretically obtain all the primary materials needed to produce energy, this is not sufficient if the transformation mechanism is not working the right way. It is the “spark” that starts the process of converting food into energy. Without CO Q10, our bodies cannot produce this “spark” and so cannot produce energy either.
Our body obtains CO Q10 from food and through the transformation of other coenzymes. The CO Q10 contained in food can easily be destroyed by modern food processing methods. What’s more, our ability to obtain CO Q10 decreases as we age and above all in situations of continuous stress.
The properties of CO Q10
It is essential for the transformation and provision of energy to every living cell.
It is important in allergy processes since some people’s bodies use CO Q10 as a natural antihistamine.
It improves our vital tone since it has a direct effect on energy production. It also improves tolerance for physical exercise in people with sedentary lifestyles. Ideal for those who like sports.
Contributes to the healing of periodontal diseases (particularly gums that bleed excessively).
CO Q10 strengthens the immune system by increasing the physiological capacity for oxygen use, particularly in stressful situations. This boosts the functioning of cells in the immune system. This is also highly important with regard to strengthening immune defences in cancer patients.

  • CO Q10 400mg 60 capsules.
    CO Q10 60 capsules 100mg is particularly useful for “energy production”.
    It improves longevity, cardiac problems, liver problems, and acts as an antihistamine for colds and flu.