Buy OMEGA 3 ADVANCED – 60 Premium Supplements with huge 1250mg serving of Omega 3 Fish Oil – containing super-high dosage of 960mg EPA and 720mg DHA per serving for Improved Immune System, Heart, Brain and Cardiovascular Functions. 100% GUARANTEE!


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OMEGA 3 ADVANCED with reliably sourced purified, mercury free fish oil and natural lemon oil to help with cardiovascular function, having a healthy heart, vision, brain, joint and immune system. KEY INGREDIENTS: FISH OIL- Our specially formulated fish oil, is reliably sourced, purified, mercury free and super cleaned and blended with natural lemon oil. The essential ingredients are sourced from sardines herrings and anchovies NATURAL LEMON OIL- Our natural lemon oil, in conjunction with the essential healthy and fatty acids are packed with all that is needed to support: a healthy cardiovascular system, blood pressure, cholesterol health, and joint health. It also works to promote healthy skin and hair

  • We all need the “GOOD FATS”. Our OMEGA 3 ADVANCED is packed with reliably sourced, super cleaned, purified, mercury free, fish oil and contains the GOOD FATS needed for different functions within the body. These fatty acids are ESSENTIAL and the body cannot produce them, so they need to be consumed in the diet or taken in supplement form.
  • OUR SUPER SERVING OF 960MG EPA and 720MG DPA is one of the highest on the market and perfect for you to obtain maximum benefits. Our LAB TESTED formula of Omega 3 ADVANCED supplements are a high quality, professionally developed formula. It is important to have the CORRECT RATIO of Omega 3, in the diet, you can be sure we’ve done that for you!
  • MAINTAIN A HEALTHY BODY and LIFESTYLE. Our SUPER STRENGTH ingredients in OMEGA 3 ADVANCED include fish oil and natural lemon oil to provide the body with important fatty acids such as ALA, EPA, DHA, Linoleic, Oleic Acid, & GLA.
  • If you need help with your Cardiovascular Function, having a HEALTHY HEART, or promoting good JOINT, BRAIN and EYE function, then this is the best supplement for you! You will feel safe in the knowledge that you have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
  • OUR BEST SUPER STRENGTH ADVANCED SUPPLEMENT. Our SUPER ACTION brand is formulated by our own Nutritional therapists and manufactured in licensed and inspected facilities to GMP standards