Buy Olive Whitening Nourishing Body Lotion for Men and Women 270 ml with Olive Oil Extract and Vitamin E Moisturizing Hand, Face and Body Brighten Skin


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The 2-in-1 Nourishing amd Brightening Lotion, Now Available!

Skin loses moisture all the time due to different factors like heat so it becomes dry and dull without protection.
The main ingredient of this natural beauty product is olive oil extract, which is composed of 3 major antioxidants including: Phytosterols (encourages new collagen production to prevent skin aging), Polyphenols (prevents cell aging and protects the cell from harmful effects of free radicals), and Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin, restores its smoothness, and protects the skin against ultraviolet light).
These skin-beneficial antioxidants present in Olive Whitening Nourishing Body Lotion for Men and Women can help protect the skin from damages especially premature skin aging. Apply it on your skin regularly and see amazing results within few weeks.
Protect your skin from dryness through the Olive Whitening Nourishing Body Lotion for both Women and Men – Packed with powerful formula that replenish lost skin nutrients plus Vitamin E and natural olive oil for a healthier skin – It is a whitening lotion that visibly brightens and smoothens your skin. – With natural fresh olive aroma and mild relaxing scent

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  • The best natural body lotion Enriched with olive oil extracts and Vitamin E that nourish skin, the solution for severe dry skin
  • A dry skin lotion that deeply moisturizes and prevents skin dullness
  • Whitens skin for as early as two weeks of regular and continuous use
  • Prevents dry and cracked skin on feet and hands. A unique whitening and nourishing olive body lotion that has skin-beneficial antioxidants that prevent premature skin-aging.
  • A skin whitening lotion that not only brightens but also smoothens skin