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These Oarsome Grips fit snugly over the top of standard crutch handles and help prevent blisters and sores and relives pressure experienced on hands, wrists elbows and shoulders. The honey comb section acts like a shock absorber and compresses time and time again, always returning to its original shape, unlike other crutch pads on the market.

How are they different from other crutch covers?

-Do not compact and become hard and useless over time
-Available in a range of colours
-Make a real positive difference to peoples lives

What are they made from?

A special latex free soft plastic, which is widely used in the medical industry. The material is also used for products such as baby spoons.

How are they antibacterial?

An antibacterial agent is included in the manufacturing process meaning that the grips are antibacterial throughout, not just an outside cover.

When were they on Dragons Den?

Series 7, Episode 5 in 2009. Emily Webb the designer and director of Oarsome Potential was the youngest person ever to appear on the show without an aide. Emily was in the Den for over an hour and a half answering questions, only 10 minutes of which were televised. Despite not securing investment at that stage, every single dragon was impressed with the product, James Caan described the product as Genius. Emily remains in touch with one of the Dragons since the show.

How long do they last?

It depends on many factors. However, the Oarsome Grips work brilliantly under the extreme conditions and strain on ocean rowing oars for 24 hours a day, for 74days while rowing across of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of our customers are long term and permanent crutch users we very rarely have repeat orders from these individuals.

  • Originally designed for rowing, therefore the sporty and inclusive product image is well received by people with disabilities
  • Endorsed by Welsh Disabled Sports Federation
  • Used by UK Paralympic athletes
  • Has played a significant part in reversing carpel tunnel syndrome in a customer
  • Supplid to BUPA hospitals, Military charities, and atlantic and indian ocean rowers