Buy Natures Way Alive! Whole Food Energizer Multi Vitamin Max Potency (180 Vegetarian Tablets)


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Alive!® supplements are the ultimate Whole Food EnergizersTM– with more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other product. ? 29 Vitamins & Minerals ? 24 Fruits & Veggies ? 14 Green Foods ? 18 Amino Acids ? 12 Digestive Enzymes ? 10 Essential Fatty Acids ? 12 Organic Mushrooms #1 Mega Nutrient. Alive! represents the new thinking in supplements for daily health and energy, with a greater diversity of specially balanced nutrients from three important areas: 1. daily essentials 2. botanical energizers 3. system defenders including antioxidants Quickly Absorbed. Alive! products are specially formulated for easy digestion and absorption into the bloodstream. Even the tablets break up quickly in the digestive tract. In comparison tests with other whole food brands, Alive! tablets were the only ones to completely disintegrate in 20 minutes or less (the proper time to ensure uptake into the body). Other brands took up to 5 times longer.

  • 180 Tablets
  • Serving Size: 3 tablets
  • 60 Servings Per Container