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The kidneys act as your body’s filtration plant, processing over 200 quarts of blood each day to remove about two quarts of waste products and extra water. They also help maintain balance in your body by measuring out chemicals like sodium, phosphorus and potassium and releasing them back into the blood. Its chinese name, qu shi , can be translated to mean “clear the dampness.” a combination of 16 herbs, chinese kidney activator’s key ingredients are morus root bark, hoelen plant, alisma rhizome and astragalus root. Morus is thought to help eliminate excess moisture(1). Hoelen, was used historically by the chinese to “drain dampness.” alisma is said to help promote the flow of moisture and is used in traditional chinese medicine to support the bladder and urinary tract (2, 3). According to chinese concepts, astragalus may help to clear retained water from the body (1).

  • Promotes kidney function.
  • May help clear retained water.
  • Supports the urinary tract.
  • May support joint health.