Buy MSM Powder 1Kg, 99.9% of pure and highly dosed methylsulfonylmethane, organic sulfur, VEGAN – including a certificate of analysis


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MSM Methylsulfonylmethane – also called organic sulfur – is a nutrient for the human body. Sulfur has different effects on the human body: for instance it plays a role for the protein metabolism. Someone who does not take enough sulfur because of an unsuitable nourishing way can cover his needs by taking a food supplement. Ingredients: MSM 1,000g, natural, pure. Directions for use: Twice a day add ½ teaspoon MSM in a cold dish or beverage (equivalent to 1,998mg, ca. 2g sulfur). Important information: Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Respect the recommended dosage. Keep away from children. Allergen labeling in accordance with the European regulation (EU): N° 1196/2011: Eggs: o; peanut: /; fish: /; Gluten: o; crustacean: /; lupin: /; milk: o; Nuts: o; sulfur dioxide and Sulfite: x; celery: /; mustard: /; sesame seeds: /; soy: o; molluscs: / Legend: “/” = not in production | “o” = possible traces | “x” = contain

  • MSM – MSM powder 1kg, 99,9% pure – organic sulfur – Certificate of analysis (Heavy metals) available on demand.
  • MSM – 100% NATURAL – Active substance is won from pines
  • MSM – VARIOUS AREAS OF APPLICATION (many of our customers use it with joint pains), Please refer to well-founded specialised literature for the different uses.
  • MSM – 100% VEGAN and FREE FROM: Animal gelatin, Gluten, Milk, Lactose and GMO