Buy KNEE SUPPORT COMPRESSION KNEE WRAPS – Premium Neoprene Leg Sleeves For Joint Injury Protection – THE Sleeve For Running, Mobilising, Strengthening And Recovery – Lifetime Quality Guarantee!


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The Emerge Sleeve:
- Made Using Ultra-high Density 7mm Premium Neoprene Reinforced With Strengthened Cross Stitching for Durability
- Fitted Anti-slip Material and Design for Greater Comfort and Performance
- Different Sizes Available, Sizing Chart In Listing Images Above

Who are the Emerge Sleeves Made For?
Our premium knee sleeves are used by professional Men and Women in CrossFit, Powerlifting, Team Sports, Individual Sports, General Fitness, Stability Exercises, Joint Support, Joint Rehabilitation etc. But they are perfect for amateur and weekend exercisers alike.

Emerge Sleeve Benefits:
- IMPROVED JOINT PERFORMANCE – Stronger Joints. less pain and a better range of movement
- INJURY PREVENTION – If you’ve tweaked your knees before the Sleeves strengthen and support the joint
- HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE PRODUCT – We are proud of our premium quality design and materials, built to last
- RAPID MUSCLE & JOINT RECOVERY – The compression increase blood circulation, speeding up muscle recovery & rehabilitation
- THERMAL WARMING – Reduced risk of injury by warming up and retaining heat in the joint and surrounding muscles
- LONG LASTING SUPPORT – Rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain & discomfort post surgery

At Emerge we’re here to help you perform. In the unlikely event that the Emerge Sleeve doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll refund the full purchase price or replace the product * No Questions Asked *

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  • ✮ 65% TEAM DISCOUNT ✮ RAPID MUSCLE & JOINT RECOVERY – Knee’s take time to heel. Speed up the process and remove unnecessary pain between sessions. Our high density sleeves designed by physiotherapist increase blood circulation before, during and after exercising. Not only relieving muscle stiffness, soreness but providing rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain & discomfort. Maximise recovery throughout the week.
  • EXTREME JOINT SUPPORT & WARMTH – Joint protection is serious. DON’T BE FOOLED! A lot of products in this space are cheap imitations that add little support or stability. Knees need the correct compression and thermal treatment to limit patella movement and maximise blood flow. Our breathable, ultra-high density (7MM) Neoprene will help you on your way back to fitness.
  • HIGHEST GRADE HEAVY DUTY, DURABLE MATERIALS – Much of what you find on Amazon is not made to last. We are proud to offer products built to outlast ANY other knee sleeves on the market. Tested by a wide range of top athletes in the most extreme conditions. Our knee sleeves routinely outperform and outlast even the most expensive sleeves on the market. Sturdy yet soft material, tested to perform.
  • IMMEDIATE IMPROVED JOINT PERFORMANCE – Being active is invigorating, being inactive is not. We want less pain and a better range of movement. Our sleeves are designed to add the right amount of compression, stimulating and increasing blood supply to the joint without causing discomfort. With improved sweat absorption materials you’ll have a secure knee and an odor-free gym bag.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We at Emerge believe in the quality of our products. Your satisfaction is our top priority so in the unlikely event that the SLEEVE doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll refund you the full purchase price * No Questions Asked * We’re here to help, try us out without any risk.