Buy Island’s Miracle Omega 3 Fish Oil 2,600Mg Maximum Strength Pills With Lemon Oil – 90 Capsules


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Born In The Lab We have researched EVERY aspect of our omega 3 fish oil capsules – what makes it work & what makes it NOT effective. Here is our formula that has been PROVEN to work: – Molecularly Distilled to remove potentially dangerous heavy metals (WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT BUY OMEGA 3 6 9 FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS THAT ARE NOT DISTILLED) – One Two Punch of Thicker Gelcap Capsules Plus Lemon Oil Added To Eliminate Fish Burps and Fishy Aftertaste. – MAXIMUM DOSE AND POTENCY – 2,600mg per serving Premium Triglyceride Fish Oil Pills – Highest Potency Omega 3 With 650mg DHA & 860mg EPA (OVER 2 1/2 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN OTHER 1,000MG CHEAPER PRODUCTS) – Top Quality Fish Sourced ONLY From USA Deep Coldwater Atlantic Ocean Living Fish (not cheap warm hatcheries) These Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

  • THE #1 PROBLEM WITH MOST OMEGA 3 FISH OIL – IS THE GROSS FISHY AFTERTASTE & FISH BURPS – WE ADDRESSED THIS IN 2 WAYS – 1) WE ADDED LEMON OIL & 2) WE ADDED A THICKER GELATIN SHELL! So if you can’t stand other fish oils fishy aftertaste or the dreaded fish burps, Look No Further!
  • OUR OMEGA 3 FISH OIL IS SOURCED ONLY FROM DEEP COLDWATER OCEAN LIVING USA ATLANTIC FISH – guaranteed to have the highest purity, nutritional value, and safety for you.
  • 100% PURE MOLECULARLY DISTILLED & HIGHEST ABSORBTION OMEGA 3 FISH OIL – By molecularly distilling our omega 3 6 9 fish oil we are able to safely remove heavy metals, PCB’s (chlorine compound found in water), and many other potential harmful toxins.
  • NEW HIGHEST DOSE AND MAXIMUM POTENCY BOOST YOUR FISH OIL BENEFITS – We Provide an UNMATCHED 2,600mg per serving of total Omega-3 oils comprising of 650mg DHA & 860mg EPA fatty acids.
  • We Confidently Back This Best In Class Omega 3 Fish Oil