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The Secret to Promoting Natural Milk Production

Mother’s Select focuses on the health of mothers and babies. And with the numerous benefits of nursing, we believe it is essential for you to produce a high quality breast milk, and need a high quality supplement to do that. Mother’s Select Goat’s Rue was manufactured so you can see the joys of breastfeeding, and overcome the difficulties so many mothers face.


The herbal supplement goat’s rue has been used by women in Europe to help increase breast milk production for years, and has caught on for thousands and thousands of mothers worldwide. Goat’s Rue is well tolerated by mothers and is in the same plant family as Fenugreek, which are both considered to have powerful lactogenic properties . Mother’s Select Goat’s Rue benefits include:

✓Promote rapid natural breast milk production
✓Induce breast tissue growth after breast surgery
✓Induce breast growth for those planning to nurse an adopted child
✓Promote tissue growth in women whose breasts didn’t increase during pregnancy
✓Facilitate breast let down so your body can release the milk
✓Help maintain breast health during nursing and lactation
✓Reduce the need and expense of formula and accessories

Our Goat’s Rue supplement is the only one backed by a lifetime no-hassle money back guarantee.

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  • MOTHER’S SELECT GOAT’S RUE LIQUID CAPSULES HAVE BEEN USED TO induce the growth of breast tissue for women who have had breast surgery, or plan on nursing an adopted child.
  • PROMOTES BREAST MILK PRODUCTION and mammary tissue growth for women whose breast size did not increase during pregnancy.
  • ADVANCED GOAT’S RUE FORMULATION Helps Facilitate More Breast Milk and Jump Start Your System! A GROWING NUMBER OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE ENJOYING EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING! Cut Out Costly Formulas & Accessories with Natural Breastfeeding!
  • FACILITATES THE “LET DOWN” OF YOUR BREAST MILK, so your body can release the extra breast milk it is now producing.
  • MOTHER’S SELECT GOAT’S RUE IS MADE IN A RENOWNED GMP CERTIFIED LAB With Only The Highest Quality Ingredients. This Product Does Occasionally Become Back-Ordered. Order Your Supply Of Goat’s Rue Today!