Buy GJELEMENTS Waist Trimmer Belt – Adjustable Ab Belt / Slimming Sauna Belt with Lower Back Support for Men & Women + Free Bag


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Benefits of the GJELEMENTS’ waist trimmer belt

GJELEMENTS’ waist trimmer belt is designed to amplify the natural phenomenon of sweating by acting as a sauna on the abdominal area. We provide you a high-end product designed to satisfy you and meet the major requirements of our brand: high quality, effectiveness, sturdiness, accessibility.

Innovative design, high-end materials, exceptional dimensions and sturdiness

Made up of 0.10” (2,5mm) high quality neoprene material (latex free) and 0.02” (0,5mm) of durable Nylon material, with a total thickness of 0.12” (3mm), it will surprise you with its elasticity, lightness, sturdiness and effectiveness.

Its dimensions are just as unique. With a width of 9.8” and a length of 46.5” it will cover your entire abdominal area and adapt to your body shape, whatever your size: S, M, L, XL, XXL (for a maximal waist circumference of 47.2”).

During activity and exercise? Great! GJELEMENTS’ waist trimmer belt will accompany all of your movement without slipping and without any risk of rupture – whatever the nature of your activity, thanks to its anti-slip technology, its integral strengthening and its homogeneous and ultra-resistant support obtained by the presence of 2 Velcro panels!

Use and upkeep

GJELEMENTS’ waist trimmer belt can we worn under or on clothes at any time and during any activity: at work, home, gym… It will be discrete and effective at all times. It is provided with a transport sleeve in order to allow you to bring it everywhere with you before and after use. Its upkeep couldn’t be easier: you will preserve all its qualities simply by washing it systematically with soapy water after each use.

  • AMPLIFIES SWEATING ⏵ cleans up, thins down and embellishes your skin. Provides lumbar support.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND FINISH ⏵ for maximum effectiveness and durability.
  • UNIQUE SIZE (46.5”x9.8” – S to XXL) ⏵ conforms to all shapes and sizes, and covers your entire stomach.
  • ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY & DOUBLE VELCRO ⏵ for optimal support in any situation.
  • Purchase includes a CARRYING BAG. 30 DAYS “SATISFIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK” warranty.