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ERGOCAP HIGH PERFORMANCE The ONLY Crutch Tip in the market that effectively emulates the foot and ankle joints, providing a proper posture while delivering stability at any angle. The Ergocap by Ergoactives LLC contains four anti-slippery ailerons with flaps for balance and support. The Ergocap promotes a perfect gait, as it makes the user walk in a HEEL-FLAT-TOE manner, providing a proper posture and reducing unnecessary pain. Ergocap also contains a 360-degree neck tip that adjusts as the user walks with crutches. This way, the user does not require extra strength to maneuver the crutches and does not have to place excessive force on the shoulders to walk in crutches. ERGOCAP HGH-PERFORMANCE: extremely robust and durable on all types of terrain, supporting heavy loads/weight, and handy for all types of crutches.

  • Ergocap® was designed to provide the user with stability & balance at any angle in which it is positioned.
  • Ergocap® reduces the vibration and impact with the ground as it is equipped with our patented shock-absorbing system.
  • Ergocap® by Ergoactives is a four-legged tip design that provides increased stability and balance as the user walks with a crutch/cane.
  • Ergocap® is a universal crutch tip that immediately makes any crutch more comfortable to walk with
  • Fits any crutch! Anti-Slippery & promotes a perfect gait (Heel-Flat-Toe)