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Telescoping wheelchair ramps are an ideal solution for navigating steps curbs or motor vehicles while in a wheelchair or transport chair. Features: 5 feet when fully extended Completely adjustable with push-button locking mechanism Strong rust-resistant aluminum construction with durable non-skid treads and U-shaped tracks for added safety Three section design contracts easily for storage in a convenient carry bag which hangs over wheelchair handles Generous 660 lb weight capacity – 330 lbs. per ramp

  • 1.5m / 5′ Telescoping Wheelchair Ramps
  • Adjustable with push-button locking mechanism
  • U-shaped, rust-resistant aluminum tracks with non-skid treads
  • 3 section design contracts for storage in a nylon carrying bag (hangs over wheelchair handles)
  • 3kg per ramp; 17.5cm x 90cm – 150cm; 11.25cm inside width