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Detox gold is a unique blend of powerful antioxidants that work synergistically with each other to support total body and deep detoxification to boost health, well-being and vitality in everyday life. The extreme 10 day course is designed to remove toxins and provide the body everything it needs to nourish.

Detox Gold is an excellent prelude to all weight management supplements from the Biogen Health Science range. Research shows that the overload of toxins our natural detoxification mechanisms leave your body unable to cleanse the toxins and are then stored as fat; 500 – 800 chemicals can be found in human fat tissue. The body then maintains the fat as a safe way to store the toxins; this is why people who have high levels of toxins have difficulty losing weight. Weight is able to melt away easier, combined with the high nutrient levels – no muscle wasting will be experienced.

This 9 day detox gold course is one of the most unique, effective and simplest ways to accomplish cellular and intestinal detoxification. Containing natural amino acids which are delivered to the body for almost instant absorption, you can cleanse, rebuild and repair. The course can be extended for those who are looking for an extreme detox, but please be aware this is a highly potent product and we recommend a 1x 9 day course per month.

  • High antioxidant activity has undergone biochemical analyses and has clearly demonstrated the ability to neutralize free radicals and alleviate oxidative stress.
  • Provides a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and a high number of carotenoids such as beta carotene and yellow xanthophylls – all essential for maintaining good health.
  • Flushes out and protects against the high number of environmental pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily basis
  • Ingredients contribute towards reducing the symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and auto-immune disorders.
  • The ideal prelude to Biogen Health Science weight management supplements