Buy Deluxe Arm Sling UNIQUE anti neckache design with arm-lock strap (L/RASP) EXTRA PROTECTION, ULTIMATE COMFORT. Registered Class1 Medical Device (MHRA). UNISEX.


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Especially useful to protect sensitive neck muscles and nerves when the arm needs to be fully supported. Use for: arm fractures, post shoulder surgery i.e. rotator cuff. Post hand surgery where the hand is set in a heavy plaster cast and the arm in a sling for several weeks i.e. Carpal Tunnel and thumb joint surgery. Clavicle fractures, dislocated shoulder. Clavicle fractures, dislocated shoulder.

  • Measure from base of smallest finger to point-of-elbow ADULT SIZES: S 23-32cm/9-12inch) | M 33-39cm/13-15inch | L 40-46cm+/16-18inch+ | CHILD SIZES: Age 3-5yrs 23-25cm/9-10inch (Neckstrap 50cm/19inch) Age 6-8yrs 23-25cm/9-10inch (longer neckstrap 61cm/24inch) Age 9-12yrs 26-36cm/11-14inch (Neckstrap 82cm/32inch).
  • Pioneered by medics and eliminates risk of neck & shoulder muscle spasm when arm weight has to be supported on vulnerable neck area. CE compliant and quality manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • NHS Ethics approved hospital study found that conventional slings caused neck ache after only 4days. This sling eliminates neckache (muscle spasm) and risk of nerve damage associated with the weight of the arm bearing down on vulnerable neck and shoulder areas.
  • Armband made from new non-sweat, non-irritant fabric technology is fully adjustable and secures neckstrap away from neck. NON-NEOPRENE. Armband & sling interchangeable and fits either right or left arm. Suitable for all, including children.
  • An extra deep sling pouch provides greater arm and shoulder support. Soft-feel airflow Polyester spacer-mesh fabric molds to the contours of the arm. Adjustable reflective webbing strap fits across arm to immobilise arm and avoid shoulder disturbance. Easy-open soft spring clip PLUS, convenient Velcro® opening at cuff offer greater independence. Arm height and angle can be adjusted according to preference.