Buy Ceregumil Vitamix Plus w/ Omega 3 6 9 DHA Supplements plus 19 different Multivitamins and Minerals in Softgel Extremely Efficient in Boost Immune System Supplements, AWESOME Tiredness Supplements and IDEAL also as Anemia Supplement, Well Recommended as Prenatal Vitamins – 30 Softgel


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A Touch of Mediterranean to Your Life Ceregumil is a 108-year old brand of dietary supplements with authentic Mediterranean formulas that have been a TOP CHOICE of health conscious users across the US for decades! What is Ceregumil Vitamix Plus? Ceregumil Vitamix Plus is a unique blend of essential fatty acids (Omega 3 from fish oils, Omega 6 from primrose oil & Omega 9 from olive oil), cereal + legumes extract with plant protein concentrate (wheat, barley, corn, beans, lentils etc.) & whole food vitamins (multivitamins – Vitamin A, assorted Vitamins B, C, D3 & E) that also help during pregnancy as useful prenatal vitamins. Add to this a host of minerals including iron, copper, zinc, magnesium & you have a highly potent daily diet supplement that takes care of most of your dietary needs! Cardiovascular Benefits Omega 3 (35% EPA / 25% DHA), Omega 6 & Omega 9 are essential fatty acids that many of us cannot get enough of through regular diet. With Ceregumil Vitamix Plus, you can easily fulfill your daily requirements of these fatty acids, helping you maintain lower cholesterol levels. The result? Healthy, efficient & strong cardiovascular system that is fit for today’s hectic lifestyle! Other Benefits – Improves immune system – Enhances brain functions – Increases vitality & vigor – Aids your weight loss efforts With no side effects, Ceregumil Vitamix Plus is highly recommended by dieticians, cardiologists & oncologists for users of all ages – it takes just a capsule a day to keep you going, full of energy life! Embracing a healthy lifestyle is just a matter of one click now! Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order Ceregumil Vitamix Plus & make a positive addition to your life right away!


  • • RICH BLEND OF OMEGA 3 6 9 along with Cereal + Legumes extract x/ over 19 Vitamins and Minerals to bring a much needed dose of vitality, energy & health to your life
  • • UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS (Omega 3, 6 & 9) with EPA & DHA, HELPS lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides levels to keep your cardiovascular system efficient & healthy
  • • EXCELLENT AS PRENATAL VITAMINS DHA Essential Fatty Acids, providing an ALL natural boost to your immune system & helping you lead a healthy & vigorous life – just one softgel a day is all it takes
  • • BOOST IMMUNITY & ANTIOXIDANT a unique blend of authentic Mediterranean formulation – supporting up to 50% of your daily need of vitamins, minerals
  • • AS NATURAL & AS PURE AS CAN BE free of preservatives, buffer chemicals, fillers, additives, stimulants & unnecessary calories, meaning that there are NO side effects