Buy Bundle 6 Items: 4x Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers 28 Gram Each Dark Brown + 2 Hold Spray All Natural Organic Thickening System Instantly Conceal Balding (Dark Brown)


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The secret lies with the Piz-zaz Natural Keratin Protein FibersÑa breakthrough in cosmetics that gives you thick natural looking hair in no time! By shaking the Hair Building Fibers over problematic areas of the head, the fibers grip onto existing hair to add an extra thickness and fullness to any hair type (no matter how thin!). In just a few short minutes, watch as visible scalp disappears and is replaced by a thick natural hair fibers. Unlike other brands and methods, the natural organic proteins deep within the Keratin Building Fibers are sturdy and strong and will last through wind, rain, and perspiration. And no worries, Piz-zaz Hair Building Fibers are easy to clean and will not stain your clothing,

  • bundle includes:
  • 4x containers hair fibers 28 gram each + 2 x spray 4 oz each
  • Even those closest to you wonÕt be able to tell the difference between your and the
  • Great for all types of hairÑmale or female Simple and easy-to-use process
  • Easy to wash out and no stains! Get great natural looking hair in a matter of minutes.