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Alive! Men’s Energy 30 once daily tablets. A complete Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral Food Supplement specially formulated for men. With Vitamins B2 and B12 for Energy release; Vitamin C and Zinc to support normal function of the immune system; Magnesium which contributes to normal muscle function; Vitamin A which helps in the maintenance of normal vision; Zinc to help support normal fertility and reproduction. Plus our own dried blend of 26 Fruits and Vegetables made from fruit/vegetable powder, extract and dried juice. Also contains Korean Ginseng, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine and CoEnzyme Q10

  • Complete Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral specially formulated for Men
  • High in Vitamins B2 and B12 for Energy release with Vitamin C and Zinc to support normal Immunity
  • With Magnesium to support normal muscle function, Vitamin A to help maintain normal vision and Zinc to support normal fertility and reproduction
  • Plus a dried blend of Fruits and Vegetables and Korean Ginseng
  • Does not contain gluten, soya, dairy, yeast, artificial flavourings or colours